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I always had the dream to redesign the old Dos-Player DosMod (see link) and make a new windows version of it. At last I managed to do so. The new WinMod-Player can load and play all formats ending on ".MOD", ".NST", ".STM", ".S3M" i.e. Noise Tracker, ProTracker, StarTracker, FastTracker, Atari Oktalyzer, TakeTracker und Scream Tracker II und III. It emulates as much channels as needed - as long memory is allocatable.

Here you have a little screenshot:

Screenshot vom ModPlayer

New in Version 1.1:

New in Version 1.2:

New in Version 1.3:

New in Version 1.4:

New in Version 1.5:

This player was completely written in C++ and does (till now) not use any line of assembler code. It will only work with DirectX 7.0 (or higher) as it is using this API.

Of course we again use interpolated sampling wich sounds better than that of the DosPlayer. The "deClick"-Routin was a test for an algorithmus that does not really work well - so never mind.

In this version a CPU-Usage is shown. One word to that number: it shows how much percentage of the time one buffer lasts is used to completely fill it up. Excample: with a usage of 10% and a buffer of 250ms the mixing routine needed 25ms to fill that buffer. If you reach the 100% (or above) the mixing routine needs more time to fill the buffer and DirectX will "overtake" the buffer.

On the internet you can find and download a version of winmod labled 1.4-1, which is a modification by William "Wraithverge" Yates. This version was not authorized by me.
Besides a translation of some german text into english and some layout changes no noteworthy customizing was done. The buffer overflow exploit remained in this version 1.4-1.