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last updated at 09.01.2022

The JavaMod Player

The downloads:

JavaMod Player 3.1 downloadbutton  javamod.jar
JavaMod 3.1 Sourcecode (GPL) downloadbutton

Alternate download sites:

JavaMod-Player, Download at Download JavaMod - The Java Mod Player

Link to JavaMod source code on GitHub and link to JavaMod-Project on SourceForge

Quick start:

To start the player go to the folder into which you downloaded the jar. Then double-click the jar - that's it.

To manually start the player open a command line (CMD or Shell) and enter:
   java -jar ./javamod.jar
for the UI version, or to use the command line version enter:
   java -cp ./javamod.jar de.quippy.javamod.main.CommandLine MODFILE
You will receive a help screen if no parameters are given.

The source code is under the GNU General Public License. You may distribute, make better or use in your own project, if your project also is under the GPL, so that it must not be selled without supplying the source code.

Here you have a little screenshot

javamod screenshot

Version History of JavaMod V3.1

since 2004 by Daniel Becker